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LIVE WITH NO REGRETS. Why you should use a REALTOR®.

Why Use a REALTOR®?

Here are 15 reasons why you should use a Realtor:

  1. Most accurate and up-to-date market area comparables (sold and active properties).

  2. Most up-to-date and accurate evaluation of a home.

  3. Ability to “sell the house” to Realtors who are active in the area so they can bring their buyers.

  4. Quick exposure to hundreds of agents who each can bring a buyer (better chances of getting a higher price). Quicker sale, higher price.

  5. Provide secure, day-long, easy access to the house.

  6. Ability to market – spend money up front on cards, letters and newspaper advertising.

  7. Extensive social networking marketing.

  8. Can lead to “multiple offers” situation resulting in an over asking selling price.

  9. Reviewing offers with the seller, analyzing the offer, proper (legal) sign backs without needing a lawyer.

  10. Proper and legal handling of deposit monies.

  11. Provide buyers a wide variety of homes to visit and transportation to buyers.

  12. Third-party (mediator) negotiations make it easier to reach a deal (but still working for your best interest). Assistance with mortgage financing, home inspections and assisting your lawyer until closing.

  13. Screening of potential frauds.

  14. Does anybody (seller or buyer) really save money when both ends want to save?

To FSBO Sellers

If you want to sell your house, which is valued at $600,000, and a buyer comes in (no agent) and tells you, “I will pay you $500,000 for your house”, chances are you will say no and be angry about the offer.

If that same buyer came in with a Realtor, the buyer has probably been pre-qualified (meaning the bank allowed them to buy a property for $600,000). Their Realtor showed them other properties and this one is the best $600,000 property on the market. The Realtor also most likely showed them what other properties are selling for and are listed for (comparables) in that area. It will be easy to sell the house to the same buyer that the private owner most likely kicked out for full market value.

I once approached a FSBO and tried to convince her to list her house with me. She told me that she sold the house already and was very proud to show me a napkin on which it said: “I will buy your house (with the amount to be paid). Under that it said “I (the seller) hereby acknowledge receiving $10,000 as deposit for the purchase of the property.”

I asked the seller if she received the $10,000 and she said the buyer gave her $5,000 and told her he will bring in the other $5,000 in two weeks. I don’t know what happened to the deposit but the seller still lives in the same house 15 years later.

What if a buyer is flying in from out of town for two days to buy a house and then flies back to prepare for the move? Is that buyer going to have time to look at your house when they work with a Realtor who will show them a dozen houses in one day? What if they pass by your house during the day? Is there a lockbox on your house? You could have just missed the highest paying buyer.

When you sell your house and go to buy the next house for yourself, will you go to FSBO homes only or will you ask a Realtor to show you properties?

To buyers working without a Realtor:

Will you also “close” the property without a lawyer? You can if you want to, but it doesn’t make sense, does it?

How much will your lawyer charge you to put together a “custom” agreement of purchase and sale and will the lawyer charge you if the negotiations are not successful?

What happens if your home inspector did not catch the fact that the house was previously a grow op and the seller who did not disclose that fact has left the country shortly after closing?

What happens if there is asbestos or UFFI in the house and the home inspector was not asked to do the special inspection for it?

What if you paid too much for the house?

What if a Realtor has information about a specific property that you can take advantage of, but you are not working with an agent?

For both buyers and sellers:

Yes there are options today, yes there is technology today. Working with a Realtor is still the best and safest way.


Live with NO Regrets.

While most people know that using a REALTOR® is the most important decision you can make when buying or selling, not many people know all of the ways a REALTOR® can help you avoid problems and complications you'll have to live with for a long time.Here's your opportunity to learn from others who discovered too late how the expertise of a REALTOR® could have helped them. Watch their true stories and see exactly how a REALTOR® can help ensure the largest transaction of your life goes as smoothly as possible.



A REALTOR® could have helped Charlene see the complete picture of what she was buying before the deal closed.




It took selling her family's house by herself to understand all the unseen things a REALTOR® does. And how they add up.